Dear Headteacher/CEO,

We have received an application from your colleague to participate in an NPQ programme with STSN.

We would ask that you provide an endorsement of your colleague as a suitable candidate.

Your colleague knows that we will be asking for your endorsement and has the right to see your comments.

What will your colleague need to do to pass their chosen NPQ?

  • engage with at least 90% of the programme
  • submit a short case study analysis which is assessed

Supporting your colleague to pass their NPQ

The duration of the programme is 15-18 months depending on the level selected.

Much of the learning for the NPQs is via self-directed online modules and completed at times to suit each programme member. You may wish to discuss with your colleague how they will manage this self-directed study alongside their school responsibilities.

Additionally, there are face to face conference days and a number of virtual seminars. These elements will usually occur during the school day, and your colleague will need to be released to attend.

  • There will be a half-day introductory seminar at the beginning of the course.
  • There will be 2 days of conference for each level when they will be out of school.
  • There will be 10-12 one hour long virtual seminars. They will need to be released from timetable to attend.

In order to support your colleague to enjoy a rich learning experience, and to ensure that they meet the requirement to engage with at least 90% of the programme, we would ask that:

  • If attending the seminars from your school site, they have a quiet space to do so where they will not be interrupted
  • You release your colleague for 90 minutes per one hour seminar so that they have ample time to join the meeting promptly and have some reflection time following the seminar prior to returning to their responsibilities.

To pass the programme your colleague will complete a summative assessment task. This is a written response to a school-based case study, and takes place over an 8-day window within three months of the programme ending.

Please note: If your colleague withdraws from their course before completion the school will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid / be eligible for DfE funding for the same course in the future.