NPQEL – Course Information

The Application window for the NPQEL has now closed 

Information about future intakes will be published in due course.

The National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders is designed for those who are, or are aspiring to become, an executive headteacher or CEO and covers the following six core areas of learning:

Strategy and Improvement
Teaching and Curriculum Excellence
Increasing Capability

Leading with Impact
Managing Resources and Risks
Increasing Capability

It includes five face-to-face events, 8 weeks facilitated online professional learning and the opportunity to work in action learning with leaders from a variety of contexts and school settings.  The structure and organisation of the face to face days may change in response to the latest guidance from Public Health England.


Participants have to:

  1. Design a sustainable business development strategy for their own school or organisation
  2. Lead an improvement project across several schools

Current cost is: £1,995

Download the full NPQEL Programme Information

Please note: The DfE cannot guarantee scholarship funding for the NPQs beyond July 2020. 

We have restructured our delivery to ensure we continue to offer participants a high quality NPQ programme in line with the latest guidance from Public Health England.