NPQSL – Course Information

Application window for the NPQSL open now.

We are accepting applications now for March and September 2020.

The current programme cost is £1,085 and comprises 3 full days and 1 half-day face-to-face events, 6 weeks of online learning and assessment support over one academic year.

Download the full NPQSL Programme details

Location: March 2020 will be Woking.                      Location: September 2020 – Various

Closing date for March 2020: 28 February 2020   Closing date for Autumn Term 2020: 26 June 2020

Application Form for March 2020               Application Form for September 2020

The DFE have confirmed they do not have sufficient funds to meet demand and therefore no scholarship funding is available from January to March 2020. The DfE are making the case for provider scholarships funding for the next financial year (from April onwards), but cannot confirm this at the moment.